Hints for advancing in game of Fish World

  • Start: buy fish to grow fast. Planting (1 XP) and selling (2 XP) fishes increase your Experience. All depends time you have to spent on this game.
  • Friends (neighbors) you should have in this game at least 3 active so you can give and receive gifts.
  • Fast Start:
    • Buy as many Green Snaper as you can up to 100 fish per tank. These grow 4 hours. Remember: you have 8 hours time (4+4 = double growing time) to to come back to feed fish before they start to die.
      • Dead fish gives coins (as reward) to your friend when he/she revives it.
    • Sell all bought fishes when they are adult (Ready to sell)
    • Buy second tank. It is free to all. Other tanks will cost you coins.
    • Leveling in first day: 1-11 is at least possible. Next days 2-8 levels per day up to level 30.
    • Before you buy your fishes to tank decide what to buy depend on that when you are able to come back next time to your game to feed fish and sell them.
  • Advancing in game:
    • Buy plants and decorations to increase your tanks happiness to get more coins when selling fishes.
    • "Time is money" they say. If you have time in "card" you can sell all 100 fish at time. That gives you less coins than selling one at time. Green "Sell my fish" icon sells all your fish in tank for 15% fee. e.g. you have 100 Green Snapper in tank. you get 15 coins selling one. 100x15-15%=1500-200=1300 (accurate -15% is 225 but game counts it for you so your fee actually is -13%)
  • Level 30 gives you security fish Sting Ray which prevent your friends to steal your fish.

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